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EduRec TV Mission

To provide a platform for video content of the programs and development projects of EduRec and its partners/affiliates. 

EduRec Eats Mission

Educate kids about “food deserts”, what the term means and understanding about healthy foods. Also, how to prepare a healthy meal / dish.  To provide kids with a fun, educational activity to participate in, as we practice social distancing during COVID-19. 

World Won Development Mission

Dedicated to community development projects that provide opportunities for under-served communities through job skills training and education, and other charitable causes. 

News You Can Use Mission

Shedding light on the positive happenings in the Tulsa/North Tulsa Community. 

Advantages of Underwriting

• Minimum Clutter – By airing a limited number of announcements your message receives more attention.
• High Time Spent Listening – Your message is heard and seen because our supporter stay tuned for longer periods of time.
• Underwriter Satisfaction – 80% of EduRec community members prefer to buy products and services from our sponsors. When price and quality are equal – 84% of underwriters say their marketing expectations we met.
• Halo Effect – Underwriting enhances image, projects quality, credibility and stability resulting in listeners and viewers being more apt to learn more about and do business with the underwriter.

Build Your Brand

EduRec can help you create a strong, meaningful connection with the North Tulsa community and surrounding areas. Your business can expand by becoming a station underwriter. Our audience will receive your distinctive message and learn more about your company. Your brand will be broadcast to an array of listeners and viewers by an uncluttered media environment.

Target Influencers

Underwriting is a specialized, efficient opportunity for businesses eager to target people who value community engagement and are interested in their community’s quality-of-life issues. It is an excellent, non-commercial avenue to help preserve, enhance and enrich our community.

Make a Difference

A station underwriter gets a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to have a positive impact on young lives and the community at-large. Get on board, get on the EduRec airwaves and let’s grow together!

Contact our Development staff at (918) 430-3947 for more information.

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